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A Comprehensive ILIT administration solutions for trustees

Our ILIT administration solution reduces the cost and risk of administering trusts and managing policies while delivering superior results for grantors and beneficiaries.

See why ILIT trustees, including over 300 banks, trust companies, law firms, and insurance companies outsource to our team of trust administrators, life insurance experts, and underwriters.

tolimonitor by ITM is a comprehensive ILIT administration solution for irrevocable life insurance trustees. From policy reviews, to gift and Crummey notices, to solving complex policy issues, our professionals service your life insurance trusts.

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Trust Administration

  • Notify grantors when premiums are due
  • Handle Crummey notices to beneficiaries
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Policy Reviews

  • Annual policy reviews to identify performance issues
  • Analyze new or replacement policies for risk prior to acceptance into trust
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Policy Management

  • Ensure that premiums are paid
  • Ensure that policies are in good standing
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Trust Management Reporting

  • Generate comprehensive reports on all trust activity
  • Simplify internal and regulatory audits
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Policy Remediation

  • Provide solutions for troubled policies, changes in premiums and riders
  • Appropriate documentation to mitigate liability
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Branded Client Communication

  • Customize all grantor and beneficiary communication with your branding

tolimonitor Reduces the Cost and risk of Administering Trusts and Managing Policies.

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Mitigate Risk

On average, 30% of policies will need remediation each year. Identifying the problem is simply the first step. Our team successfully remediates the cases, satisfying grantors and beneficiaries and while avoiding potential liability with clients.

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Meet Fiduciary Duties

Our team of experts will work to maximize the value of every policy and trust, ensuring that you meet your fiduciary duty.

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Optimize Your Time

Redeploy internal resources to more profitable areas of your organization and allow our team of life insurance experts service your life insurance trusts.

Our ILIT administration Solution Helps Banks and Trust Companies Mitigate Liability.

With tolimonitor, you remain trustee of your irrevocable life insurance trusts while our life insurance experts, trust administrators, and underwriters handle the day-to-day administration work. With our team reviewing and managing policies for optimal performance and remediating troubled policies, your team can focus on other client needs while knowing that your ILITs are in good hands.

Customize tolimonitor with add on solutions for asset allocation and annuity reviews.

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Annuity Review

  • In-depth review on contractual provisions
  • Identify performance issues of an annuity
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Asset Allocation

  • Manages the investment component of variable life insurance and annuity contracts
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no longer want to serve as trustee for ilits? ask how litco can be your strategic partner for new and existing ilits.

Life Insurance Trust Company provides a simple solution for banks, trust companies, insurance companies, advisors, and attorneys who no longer want to serve as trustee for some of all of their Life Insurance Trusts. LITCO focuses solely on ILITs, making our team your expert partners in trusts.

To learn more about how tolimonitor and LITCO can help you mitigate your ILIT liability, contact our sales team or visit our life insurance blog section to browse through relevant topics and learn more about our solution.