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A Comprehensive Will File Solution

We provide fiduciary organizations with a secure and comprehensive will file solution that will help you maintain effective communications with your will and unfunded trust clients.

Many banks and fiduciary organizations find themselves named in wills trusts, but as unfunded business, wills often don’t get the attention they deserve. Our will file tracking solution makes it easy for you to reap the benefits of the wills your bank holds.

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  • Electronically store client related documents to easily organize will file and trust documents in one place
  • Input hundreds of fiduciary fields into the electronic client file when you are named in a will or trust
  • Enter and edit data in real time to ensure will and trust files are kept up to date
  • Capture referral data from beneficiaries to help you capitalize on future sales opportunities
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  • Track activity through audit trails
  • Receive death index checks to search for deceased individuals who may have unfunded trusts or a will with your bank
  • Includes verification dates to ensure that data is current
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  • Create customization and dynamic reports to organize your client data
  • Generate reports in PDF or XLS formats for cross-platform comparability
  • Built-in reporting options assist with sales reports for Centers of Influence (COI)

willmonitor Helps Financial Institutions Capitalize on Lost Opportunities with Wills.

Lead Generation

Lead Generation

Turn existing will and personal trust customers into sources of current and future fee income.

Death Audits

We provide, through our affiliate PBI Research Services (the nation-leading death audit provider) a death comprehensive audit solution that provides validated results.

Data Cleanses

Annual data cleanup for social security numbers, addresses and other data points to ensure your information stays up-to-date.

willmonitor by itm will file solution

Our Will File solution Helps Banks and Financial Institutions Reduce Liability

willmonitor helps you to keep track of testators who have passed away, enabling you to reach out to beneficiaries, and to avoid the liability associated with an estate being settled if the beneficiaries are unaware that a will has been created and filed.

To learn more about how willmonitor by ITM can help you better serve your clients who have named you in a will, and their future beneficiaries, contact our sales team or visit our will file blog section to browse through relevant topics and learn more about our solution.