Minimizing ILIT Liability and Maximizing Client Value

An Insider’s Guide to Minimizing ILIT Liability and Maximizing Client Value

Webinar on Minimizing ILIT Liability put on by the Trusts & Estates CLE Webinar Series – Sponsored by Life Insurance Trust Company

Speakers on Minimizing ILIT Liability: Leon Wessels – Life Insurance Trust Company, John Barkhurst – ITM , Judith Pearson – Nomadx Solutions, Michael Brohawn – Your Life Insurance Solutions, Susan Lipp – Trusts & Estates

Irrevocable Life Insurance Trusts (ILITs) have long been a cornerstone of many estate plans, and remain a great tool for creating liquidity upon the death of a Grantor. The management of life insurance has become increasingly more difficult as low interest rates have stressed many life insurance policies to the max, resulting in a significantly higher number of underperforming and lapsing Trust Owned Life Insurance (TOLI) policies.

The liability associated with serving as ILIT trustee or advising clients with life insurance trusts has never been greater. The fiduciary role of a trustee is one that holds the highest duty according to law. In the current environment, those administering ILITs are going to face challenging, even difficult, decisions that may be questioned years down the road.

Attend this webinar as we discuss topics that include ways to minimize fiduciary and professional liability, while ensuring your clients’ ILITs will succeed, including:

  • Trustee roles, responsibilities and personal liability
  • The challenges facing trustees and how to manage ILIT risk
  • How low interest rates negatively affect life insurance and why it will get worse
  • Practical solutions for dealing with TOLI policy issues
  • Why an individual (non-corporate) ILIT trustee is not ideal for long-term success


Watch the recording of this webinar here.

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